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World's most beloved 3D Stress Ball, just got better


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Lettuce Ball: A Stress-Relief Toy, Work Companion, and Recovery Tool.

Building on the success of our acclaimed first edition, the Lettuce Ball Gen2 is a testament to innovation shaped by community feedback. Enhanced with four sizes from S to XL and four distinct firmness levels, it offers personalized comfort and utility. This 3D-printed marvel is not just a stress reliever; it's a versatile companion for workouts, rehabilitation, and even pet play. By incorporating your daily usage habits and suggestions, we've evolved the Lettuce Ball into a more adaptable, user-friendly product that seamlessly fits into your life, making relaxation and exercise more accessible and enjoyable.
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Style: Size Pack

From Gen1 Backers

Lucas, 22, College Student, MI

"Exam stress is real. The Lettuce Ball is my go-to during study sessions. It's like a deep breath for my hands. Absolute game-changer."

Emily, 26, Barista, OR

Juggling orders and coffee cups all day gets stressful. My Lettuce Ball is like a little oasis of calm. Squeezing it just melts the stress away. Love it!

Henry, 55, Architect, NY

"With deadlines looming, the Lettuce Ball is my moment of zen. It's my pause button during the day's chaos."

Sam, 34, Writer, MA

When writer's block hits, my Lettuce Ball is my muse. It's not just a stress ball; it's a creativity booster. Couldn't write without it.

Olivia, 40, Interior Designer, GA

Design is all about detail, and the Lettuce Ball is a masterpiece. Squeezing it, I feel my creativity flow. It's a part of my design toolkit now.