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A.K.A. The Wair Living Road Map

Our Master Plan

Getting into Tech

In 2014, our founder graduated from university. Because of his passion for the product and the company's philosophy, he chose to enter Tesla, which was still a startup at the time.
At Tesla, we learned the importance of core product technology, customer service and customer interaction experience in any business.
All of this was carried over into what would become Wair Living

Birth of Mk1 Air/Pro/Max

We spent all of their time researching fabrics, stitching techniques and design elements to create comfortable yet stylish underwear that no one else had seen before. We were determined to bring something new into the market as well as introduce sustainable materials for production.

With nothing more than ambition and determination on their side, we began manufacturing prototypes in various shapes and sizes with an initial goal of targeting the US market.

It wasn't easy but after countless hours perfecting every detail from fit to fabric selection until each pair was just right - they finally launched!

Kickstarter Mk1 Ultra

After months of research and development, We stumbled upon UltraBreathe™ material – a fabric that allowed maximum breathability without compromising on comfort or style.

With great excitement and anticipation, We launched our Kickstarter campaign featuring their first-ever collection of 2-size boxers made with UltraBreathe™ fabric – and it was an instant success! People from all over the world were excited about how comfortable yet stylishly designed these boxer briefs were…and within hours we had surpassed the goal for funding!

Mk1 Ultra-Sonic

The team worked together to create a collection that included bold colors, vibrant patterns, and futuristic materials.

We named it: Ultra-Sonic. It quickly became clear this was going to be a good enhancement for our original design!

The new designs were also lightweight but durable, so you could wear them anywhere without feeling weighed down by your underwear. Plus, their signature seamless waistnband craft allows maximum comfort while still looking stylish in every setting from formal events to casual outings.

Made from Trees

Back To Earth

After our space adventure, it's time to return to Earth. We have taken inspiration from trees to present a first layer of clothing fabric that is truly eco-friendly and close to nature. Meanwhile, elements of the ocean are still in the pipeline.

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