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Our Story

Tech Wair EST 2022

🌍 The pandemic and shift towards remote work has spurred a renewed interest in comfortable clothing that can be worn all day, every day.

We recognized that while these essentials are a fundamental part of our daily lives, they are often overlooked and can be a frustrating purchase experience.

We wanted to create a solution to this problem, help you concentrate on your creative process, which led to the founding of Wair Living in 2022.

Brand Story

Started From Bottom

👖 We started from scratch and created our own fabrics, obsessing over every detail to ensure a perfect fit every time.

We're dedicated to a meticulous design process that involves countless blueprints and fittings to ensure the perfect fit every time. We trust our process, and we know that you'll love the results.

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“Developing” Essentials

🏭 Our products aren't just basic clothing items, they're innovative essentials with a purpose. From underwear ultra series , air series and fluffy socks to swimwear and accessories, we never create anything without a clear purpose in mind.

We don't just randomly add new products to our line; we take a look at what's missing from our own wardrobes and drawers and create something truly unique.

The Process

Designed in Seattle

🌧 Wair Living is proudly designed in the heart of Seattle, with our warehouse and fulfillment center also located in the Rainy City.

We source and manufacture our products in WRAP-certified factories around the world, including in the United States, South America, and Asia.

Life Style

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Customer service

Reachout to us via hello@wairliving.com

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