Wair X SOFU Tech Artsy Collection

Wair X SOFU Tech Artsy Collection

Get ready for an exciting collaboration between Wair and SOFU Studio! This time, we're bringing together technology, art, and classic film elements to create a truly unique experience for our fans.



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Wairliving Women's Seamless Sports BraWairliving Women's Seamless Sports Bra- Black
Zootopia Wide Strap Sports BraZootopia Wide Strap Sports Bra
Love & Gelato Versatile Tank Top Style BraBlack Versatile Tank Top Style Bra
Feather Yarn Ankle High Antibacterial SocksFeather Yarn Antibacterial Orca Socks
Heidi Cozy Plant-Based Green SocksHeidi Cozy Plant-Based Green Socks
Warm WinterWarm Winter
Warm Winter Sale price$90.00
Wairliving Grey Unisex Loungewear Wairliving White Unisex Loungewear - sweatshirts
Orca Eco-Friendly Fishnets Polyester BlanketOrca Eco-Friendly Fishnets Polyester Blanket Supper Fluffy
Green Compfy Dual Fleece Unisex Loungewear | Fluffy Gown Bath Robe | WairlivingCompfy Dual Fleece Unisex Loungewear | Fluffy Gown Bath Robe | Wairliving
Pure Furry GumPure Furry Gum
Pure Furry Gum Sale price$120.00
Courage Sale price$70.00
Soft Great Smokey Mountains SocksSoft and Fluffly Great Smokey Mountains Socks