2 Tone Men's 5A Antibacterial Socks

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Enjoy Comfortable and Durable Socks with High-Tech Cotton Yarn

  • Tightly prevent pilling with high-tech cotton yarn, so you can finally retire your sock shaver (or donate it to a museum)
  • 32S Australian velvet soft cotton for fluffy and soft socks that feel like a hug for your feet (or a fluffy cloud, or a puppy's belly)
  • 5A antibacterial treatment to keep socks fresh for longer and reduce your environmental impact (less laundry means more time for naps)
  • Double-needle collision color splicing for a smooth and delicate finish that's as seamless as a romantic comedy (minus the drama)
  • Pure hand-sewn toe without edges for invisible stitching that won't leave a mark on your toes (or your psyche)
  • High-elastic rubber band at sock mouth for a comfortable fit all day long, even if you're running a marathon (or a marathon of Netflix shows)