Feather Yarn Antibacterial Orca Socks

Sale price$30.00
Size: Small
Style: Orca
1. Super soft fabric:
The feather yarn provides warmth and comfort throughout the entire foot, making you feel like you're walking on clouds.
2. Independent Design:
The asymmetrical design on each sock adds a unique and personalized touch to your outfit.
3. Threaded Opening:
The elastic spandex band and loose cuffs ensure that you won't experience any discomfort while wearing them.
4. Antibacterial material
The 3A-grade antibacterial material prevents the growth of bacteria, keeping your feet fresh and odor-free.
5. Seamless Comfort
Each seam is hand-finished for a smooth and seamless fit, ensuring that you won't experience any chafing or irritation.
6. Say Goodbye to Pilling
The high-quality fabric is resistant to pilling, ensuring that your socks will maintain their softness and appearance for a long time.