Heidi Cozy Plant-Based Green Socks

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Size: Small


1. Unique Design:
The Heidi socks feature a moss-inspired pattern and design, inspired by the happy and warm memories of Heidi and her grandfather on the grassy meadows.
2. Feather Soft Material:
The socks are made of high-quality feather yarn, which makes them incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.
3. Independent Design:
The left and right socks feature different patterns, making them more unique and personalized. The random patterns are reminiscent of nature, which adds an organic and natural feel to the socks.
4. Stretchy and Loose Elastic:
The socks have an elastic band made of spandex, which provides a comfortable and secure fit without being too tight. The loose elastic design prevents the socks from leaving marks on your skin, which is perfect for those with sensitive skin.
5. Anti-Bacterial Fabric:
The Heidi socks are made of 3A-grade anti-bacterial fabric, which prevents the growth of bacteria and odors.
6. Versatile Use:
The Heidi socks are suitable for different occasions and activities, whether you're lounging at home, working in the office, or going on an outdoor adventure.